How Do I Series : Part 1 - Know When the Baby Is Hungry?

One of the things a lot of new moms and dads don't know about is feeding cues. Our precious bundles normally tell us way before the screaming part that they are hungry. Watching for those clues and responding to them quickly can help save both the parents and baby a lot of stress!

First look at their hands. Relaxed hands are happy hands. If the baby is putting them into a fist it usually mean something. If those fists migrate to the cheek or mouth that is a strong cue it time to offer the breast or bottle. You will see the baby's arms and hands relax as they fill up.

Rooting: its not just something plants do. Babies will often turn their head toward the breast, or honestly anything around and begin to suck. This is a strong cue that they could use a meal. Guys don't take it personally that you can't meet this particular need. Hand the baby to mom and grab her a snack, water, and changing supplies for the baby. There are plenty of ways to help even if nursing the baby isn't one of them.

Also, watch the mouth. Not your language (though that would be advised :) haha) but your babies mouth, will give many feeding cues. First they will open, or suck their lip or hand, and then it will often lead to a full on cry if you weren't watching for the early cues.

The key as a new parent it to try to be aware of the little signals before it turns into a full on mess. It will help you not have as much trouble latching on a screaming baby if you watch for these signs as well.

If you do miss a cue, don't stress. Sometimes these precious kids can be quite demanding quickly. Work to learn your baby as they learn you!

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