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When Morning Sickness Doesn't Stop

You wake up. You are 8 weeks pregnant and everyone tells you that this is the best time of your pregnancy. You know you will feel baby kick in the next few weeks but so far the only indication besides your test that you are pregnant is the constant feeling you might puke. Or the constant puking. Ugh. 15 people tell you to buy stock in ginger ale and crackers. You try not to gag at the thought. You can't keep fluids down for 24 hours and haven't had a full meal in days. Momma....get some help! And get it fast! I've been there. At first you just think this is normal pregnancy nausea, but for some it isn't. Hyper-emesis Gravidarum is a very serious condition that can weaken you terribly and rob your body of nutrients both you and your baby need! Call your care provider and ask for IV fluids and medication to help with nausea. There are great ones on the market and some of them melt on your tongue so you don't even have to swallow. I'm here for you if yo
Breech. Its the word few pregnant women want to hear. It means baby likes his comfy little spot with his butt down and his head up. Except doctors these days are nervous about breech babies and only a few midwives in the area will even attempt a vaginal delivery. So mom begins to panic. But its ok momma! You have some options! First, you need to understand your body. Baby often will not turn because something in the pelvis is making it easier for him to stay head up than head down. So get seen by a pelvic floor physical therapist (I know a great one!). And then look into Spinning Babies . Its a website and organization dedicated to helping babies be in optimal position during birth. And if you don't know what that is talk to your doula! After 34 weeks and sometimes later we like to see baby with his long hard back to the left and feet kicking on your right. I remember it, feet on the right....everything's all right! :) Again, if your baby isn't in a great position its